dinsdag 7 maart 2017

RTA november 1966: Jaeger tableau for Fiat 850

Remise a zero

One of the problems buying a Jaegertableau is wheter there is a cable available to set back the daycounter back to zero. Much previous owners just cut the cable since it is dificult to remove, or of course they lacked patience. Here an example how that looks. Of course there are some solutions and in my opinion is the best making an extra hole in the tableau itself and place there the cable.

maandag 20 februari 2017

french sport cars in the sixties using Jaeger instruments

In earlier blogs I showed allready pictures of jaeger instruments that are used in the dashbords in sport models like the Renault Caravelle and the Simca coupe. Citroen had also the ambition to produce a sportscar as seen in the pictures of the prototype S, a shortened 2 seater. Here is shown the 1966 prototype with the jaeger instruments. There were more prototypes, you can read about these on the citroenet site.
The CG (using Simca parts) and Matra Djet (first using Citroen and Panhard technique, later Renault) were examples of nice small sport cars in that period. Here some pictures of these cars with the Jaeger instruments.

woensdag 15 februari 2017

Jaegertableau in Chapron DS in 1965 Salon de Paris

I found a quite rare picture of an Citroen DS with Jaegertableau during the Salon de Paris in 1965, in a ETAI book of Citroen Coupe and cabriolet!

vrijdag 10 februari 2017

brochure Jaeger from Citroenet

I found this fist add on the very nice site of Citroenet! I wonder why this option is only for the DSuper and DSpecial?? The second one is more in line with the traditional adds from Jaeger!

dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Tableau Jaeger ID 1969

A few months ago I could buy a rare Jaegertableau for the Break and ID of 1968-1969 for my collection. We agreed on the price and the seller should send me the tableau after his holliday. Unfortunately his wife threw away all the "old stuff" before he arrived.

Watch with tableau 1969

Piece unique!

woensdag 4 januari 2017

Jaeger dash for Simca 1000 and 1200 Coupe and Rally 1 and 2, and the 1100TI

Jaeger made for Simca special tableaux. The first one is in a Simca 1000 Coupe, where the regular mano's and meters are used, the second one is for the TI where were special meters. The third picture is from an Simca 1000 Rally 1. The fourth is for the Coupe 1200S and the last one is for the Rally 2, but here are Veglia instruments used.

donderdag 1 december 2016

Nice pictures

I found this pictures on the internet and probably it is a Citro├źn ID cabriolet with a personalised dash! Further pictures speak for themselves!