vrijdag 20 oktober 2017

new pictures of a non Jaeger tableau in a Citroen DS 1969

A few years ago i showed a picture from a youtube video of this very nice tableau. Today I found better ones.

dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

colours of the panel for the tableau

the metal panel in the tableau is originally painted with wrinkle. Only on the visible side, the back is just plain black. Here pictures of 2 panels original from Jaeger.
On the new made, or repainted, panels the wrinkle looks more shiny and real black, where the originals are a little bit brownish and have a finer structure.
Another possibility is powder coating, in that case both sides and the inside of the holes are painted.
Off course there is the possibility to individualise the materials and colour of your panel!

dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

new arrival!

In an message in 2010 I showed a picture of a first serie tableau that I preowned. I am now happy to buy the tableau back, since there are only a few of this serie left. I bought this in 1989 for my DS 21, but I postponed the restoration of the car (finishing it in 2012). Since I didn't like the tableau very much I sold it. Nowadays it makes clear why the first serie was not that popular since the pointers are bending and there are only 2 mano's. The pictures that are made today shows what can happen with the fragile aluminium part when the tableau is not proper stored. I have seen quite some tableau's with the same damage!

unknown layout of Jaeger instruments

I found on the internet a jaegertableau with a untill now never seen layout of the instruments. Who knows more??
My guess: for the bigger instruments are parts from Simca S 1100 1975 used, and the smaller ones are Veglia and nice adapted with Jaeger logo.

woensdag 21 juni 2017

Jaeger in Argentina!

Yesterday i saw on internet a Jaeger speedometer from the sixties/seventies that could go to 240 km/h. In the french cars begin sixties it was 180, later 200 and for the Matra there was a special one that could reach 220 km/h. Off course in the SM this goes further until 260,but that had an other layout. I found out that this one was produced in Argentina by Jaeger and used in the IKA/Renault Torino. That argentinian car was build from 1966 on a AMC basis with lot of european (Renault0 influences. Somewhere around 1970 Renault became the owner of the plant. On pictures of the dash are the well known Jaeger instruments used, that were produced in Argentina!
I knew allready from a dutch friend who owns a Peugeot 540 cabrio with Jaegertableau that there was an argentinian production of this extra also. Here 2 pictures.
Well: quite some difference with the french production!
In the last picture an add from a company that delivered accessoires oa Jaeger

donderdag 8 juni 2017

DS Eleonore

In the eighties of last centurie there were made a few special cars based on the DS: the Eleonore. There are only 2 cars left, one with a Jaegertableau.

dinsdag 6 juni 2017

accessoires automobiles 1968

Last week i recieved a nice catalogue of 1968 with 64 pages of all possible accessoires mostly for french cars like Citroen, Peugeot and Simca. Also 1 page with the 2e monte of the tableaux sportive.