woensdag 21 juni 2017

Jaeger in Argentina!

Yesterday i saw on internet a Jaeger speedometer from the sixties/seventies that could go to 240 km/h. In the french cars begin sixties it was 180, later 200 and for the Matra there was a special one that could reach 220 km/h. Off course in the SM this goes further until 260,but that had an other layout. I found out that this one was produced in Argentina by Jaeger and used in the IKA/Renault Torino. That argentinian car was build from 1966 on a AMC basis with lot of european (Renault0 influences. Somewhere around 1970 Renault became the owner of the plant. On pictures of the dash are the well known Jaeger instruments used.
I knew allready from a dutch friend who owns a Peugeot 540 cabrio with Jaegertableau that there was an argentinian production of this extra also. Here some pictures. The first one is not original, the second one is.
Well: some difference with the french production!

donderdag 8 juni 2017

DS Eleonore

In the eighties of last centurie there were made a few special cars based on the DS: the Eleonore. There are only 2 cars left, one with a Jaegertableau.

dinsdag 6 juni 2017

accessoires automobiles 1968

Last week i recieved a nice catalogue of 1968 with 64 pages of all possible accessoires mostly for french cars like Citroen, Peugeot and Simca. Also 1 page with the 2e monte of the tableaux sportive.

woensdag 31 mei 2017

Volvo 140 series and Jaeger

in an earlier blog I showed already pictures of a tableau for the Volvo 140 series. Here a pub leaflet with all the information and an example of a nice item with chrome finish!

zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Citromobile 2017

every year its fun to visit Citromobile! This year I found some parts for my Citroen DS 21 1966, which, I hope, is ready for a visit next year. There was a lot of stuff available for the tableau, some more, some les original!